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Fun Coffee Facts


Fifty-six countries around the world--from Angola to Yemen--produce coffee. The only coffee grown in the United States, is grown in Hawaii. AMERICANS consume over 300 million cups of hot coffee on a typical winter day. Nearly 4,000 coffee beans are used to produce one pound of roasted coffee. That's about 50 beans for every cup of brewed coffee.

WHEN available, MORNING LIGHT COFFEE BUYERS purchase only estate and plantation coffees. MORNING LIGHT COFFEE BUYERS have visited plantations in Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii and Panama. A qualified roastmaster at MORNING LIGHT COFFEE is proficient in cupping, blending and understands the US coffee industry terminology for roast classifications.

COFFEE is grown on trees. It takes three to five years for a tree to mature enough to produce harvestable beans. A coffee bean is really a seed. It is taken from the coffee fruit--called a "cherry" which usually contains a pair of beans.

COFFEE is the largest agricultural commodity traded on world markets. Only oil surpasses coffee as the largest single commodity in the world.
MORNING LIGHT COFFEEoffers the most competitive pricing for the quality of coffee.

We honor these three! The History of Coffee

We roast our coffee everyday at Morning Light Coffee Roasters!

Our product is so good it brings tears to your eyes just thinking about it..

The wonderful thing is, is that we deliver to your door whether local or half way around the world!

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